Jesus and MTB

Seems like a strange combo doesn’t it? One’s a 2000 year-old maybe fictional bloke from the back blocks of Palestine, the other’s a less than 30 year-old pastime from California (depending on which story you believe about where MTB comes from…). One’s super-fun, the other doesn’t seem like much fun at all.

So why Jesusmtb?

It’s simple enough: if you see the Jesusmtb logo on a bike or jersey, you’re looking at someone who loves to ride their bike in the bush (pretty obvious), but who also takes Jesus seriously. Not jesus the swear word or ‘what I heard was’, but the Jesus of the Bible.

That Jesus is pretty amazing, and that rider takes him seriously because he or she thinks he has relevance for us now, because he really lived and really died to really connect us to a real God.

Jesusmtb is a network to help us to share a love for riding and encourage each other as Christians. If you’re a Christian and you want to get involved, click over to the right and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

And of course, we do think that Jesus is important enough that everyone owes it to themselves to check out the evidence for his life death and resurrection. The links down the bottom right are a great way to check out why we the Bible is trustworthy, and that taking Jesus seriously doesn’t meaning switching your brain off. Hope they help.